Our Policies and Pricing

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  • We quote all jobs before we start them.
  • Pricing for custom restorations or file conversions are quoted on an individual job basis.
  • Contact us for pricing on Photoshop services.
  • Volume discounts are available.
  • Prices on this list are subject to change.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do we get our photos/albums/videos to you?

    We will pick up your photos locally, or you can ship or mail them, too. We normally limit our pickups to within 50 miles of Syracuse NY. Please call us if you want to ship or drop off your photos. Digitized photos can be emailed or posted to our secure web site: call us for details at 315-682-5681.

  • What is tagging or cataloging?

    Tagging means embedding key words into the photo file. Tags are usually the names of the people in the photo, the event of the photo, and dates, as well as descriptions. When you copy these files the tags go with the file, so they will always be accessible to whoever has a copy of the photo file. All photo cataloging software allows you to search and filter using these tags, and they appear as labels below each picture.

  • What photo cataloging software do you recommend?

    Google has free photo software known as Picasa. From Picasa you can search for photos based on who is in them or even upload them to photo printing services. We can provide hands-on instructions on Picasa to our customers

  • What do you do with the original photos after you have worked with them?

    We always return all original images and documents.

  • How long does scanning normally take?

    We work efficiently, not hectically. A job will take from 1-2 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the job and our current schedule. We will always give you a delivery estimate before you submit the job.

  • What is online secure storage?

    There are companies that provide storage for any computer files, including your photos. The companies, known as “The Cloud” can store your images for you on secure online sites that promise to keep your files backed up for you. Many of these sites have small amounts of free space, such as Google and Dropbox, and charge for additional space. Photo printing sites such as Snapfish and Shutterfly will also store your images at no cost. Other backup services have monthly fees. We can discuss the many options, and we guarantee to keep a backup of your images on our own storage devices for at least 2 years after the job is completed.

Legal Responsibilities.

We respect copyrights, so please respect them, too. Our Copyright Indemnification and Legal Responsibilities document explains these legal aspects.