Photo/Slide/Negative Repair, Restoration and Coloring.

  • Do you have photos damaged by age or accident. How about framed photos faded by light or stuck to the frame? Stained images? Or do you have an old black & white photo you would like enhanced by the addition of color? That’s our specialty: the artistic digital enhancement of your images.

  • All restoration, repair and coloring services will be quoted before work starts, and must be specifically approved by the client. We do not perform physical repairs on the original photo, but we scan the image and use digital restoration techniques with Adobe Photoshop and other sophisticated software products.

  • Call or text us at 315-682-5681, or send us an email. Don’t put it off.


  • Erasing creases, folds, tears,
  • Remove stains, blotches and water spots
  • Erasing pen marks and other writing from the photo
  • Remove most dust and scratches. This is especially important for color slides, where a tiny speck of dust on the image becomes huge when the slide is enlarged to print size.
  • We do many other types of photo editing, so please see our examples of advanced photo editing where we can remove items and people, combine photos, and many other effects.

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We restore images from photos, negatives and slides.

  • Restore the color to faded photos. Colors in photos fade at different speeds, leading to significant color casts: a great photo from 1975 looks like it’s been painted red, as the blue and green fade quicker.

  • Lighten, darken and red eye removal.

  • Creating black and white or sepia images from color photos

  • Add color effects, such as antiquing.

  • Restoration work cannot bring a photo back to its original condition. We will do our best to fix various problems, and we can improve your image significantly


  • Adding color to black and white images brings new life to the images, bringing out depth and highlights that cannot be seen in the original image.

  • Coloring is done digitally, using Adobe Photoshop. Your original photo is never changed in any way. Because it is a computer process, we can tweak the colors to suit your taste.

  • Coloring is an artistic endeavor, so colors are selected based on discussions with the clients and research into the colors prevalent in the eras of the photos. But when asked, “How did you know what color blouse to put on my mother?”, we can answer “If anyone can remember what color they were wearing in 1972, we’ll change it”.