Video Services

We transfer your VHS videos to DVD or other formats, and edit, repair and enhance them. And it’s easy: we do the work, you get the results. Call us at 315-682-5681 or email us at ObscureMyEmail

Video Transfer

  • Your vhs tapes are deteriorating. The life expectancy of a video tape depends on how & where it is stored and used, as well as the manufacturer.

  • Do you even have a VCR any more?

  • We transfer standard VHS and the mini VHS formats: VHS-c and 8mm.

  • Each DVD holds up to 2 hours of video. VHS formats held either 2, 4 or 6 hours, so the transfer of a single tape may be on multiple DVDs. On the other hand, we can combine shorter tapes onto a single DVD, up to 2 hours.

  • Upload your smartphone videos to us, we’ll edit them into a single video file and transfer to the best digital formats.

  • Transfer to multiple formats:
    • DVD format
    • Other video formats which can be uploaded to youtube or vimeo
  • We can select individual frames and save them as individual images.

VHS Splicing and Repair

  • If your tape gets stuck in your VCR, we can remove it from the machine and remove the offending segment of the tape.

  • Broken or crimped VHS tapes can be spliced together before they are transferred to a digital format, i.e. DVD.

Photo Slideshows

  • At your next family gathering (wedding or reunion), why not have a slideshow of your family’s photos, complete with music?

  • Your business can use a slideshow for demonstrations or trade shows. It’s a professional marketing technique that can increase interest in your services and/or product.

  • We can also put together tributes for wakes and funerals.

  • Slideshows can be played from a tiny thumb drive on any modern HD television.

  • You can make copies of your slideshows and share them.

Video Editing

  • Combine multiple videos into a single file.The could combine VHS tapes or multiple short smartphone videos into a well designed family movie.

  • Improve brightness, sound and color in your videos, whether from VHS tapes, digital video cameras or smartphones.

  • Remove bad sections of your videos, leaving the good stuff.

  • Add narrations or captions over your videos. Many of the old videos will lose relevancy if your grandchildren don’t know the context and participants.

Got more questions? Call or text us at 315-682-5681